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Fovl is a small and inspiring café located in the heart of Nordvest. They work with local, seasonal products and continuously strive to minimise food waste. Much at the café is made from scratch: the food, fermentation, pickles and even the tonic in their Gin & Tonic. Fovl doubles down as a bakery, creating a variety of buns, doughnuts and other baked goods.

Picked by
Gaarden & Gaden & others

Sneppevej 2

2400 Copenhagen

Opening Hours

Mon & Tue: 8–17

Wed: 8–22

Thu–Sat: 8–23:30

Sun: 8–17


Photo by @bedstinordvest
Photo by @simonlarsen
Photo by @fovl.nv
Photo by @simonlarsen
Photo by @bedstinordvest
Photo by @bierbacks