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Patisserie Linnick

Many trips to Paris have inspired Patisserie Linnick, a chic dessert shop located at the western tip of Vondelpark. Everything here is made with love, from the fresh pastry cakes and colourful macarons to the more exquisite chocolates and bonbons. Linnick constantly experiments with flavours and textures in surprising ways, while also following the traditional methods. They carefully select their raw materials and use high-quality chocolate from Valrhona, which have their own cocoa plantations.

Picked by
Petit by Sam & others

Amstelveenseweg 75

1075 VV Amsterdam

Opening Hours

Mon–Fri: 8:30–18

Sat: 8:30–17

Sun: Closed


Photo by @linkyndy
Photo by @linkyndy
Photo by @linkyndy