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Foeders is one of the oldest brown cafés in the de Pijp neighbourhood, a recollection of Amsterdam's once dominant type of get-together spot. Its cosy, homey vibe is highlighted by the charismatic owner, who will happily run you through all 42 beers available on their taps. Serving only Dutch and Belgian beers, Foeders is one of the finest places to discover the local craft beer culture. Get a table in the back and a handful of peanuts and take your time to observe the slow, local life.

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Bar Alt & others

Ceintuurbaan 257

1074 CZ Amsterdam

Opening Hours

Mon–Thu: 14–1

Fri & Sat: 14–3

Sun: 14–1


Photo by @beer.for2
Photo by @foeders
Photo by @foeders